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Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop helps to repair a Photoshop file after various types of damage.

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How to repair a damaged Photoshop image file

photoshop repair

Instructions for recovering an Adobe Photoshop project from a corrupted or damaged *.psd file of any version or size:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop from here:
  2. Install Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop on your computer
  3. Start Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop
  4. Please select a damaged PSD file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop
  5. Select file name for new recovered file
  6. Press on Recover button

How to recover a corrupted .psd file?

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop is an application that recovers data from damaged Photoshop (*.psd) files. Corrupted .psd file recovery can be done with just a few clicks.

Features of the Adobe Photoshop recovery tool:

  • Performs file recovery from Photoshop version 3.0 and later
  • Recovers files with .psd and .8bps extensions
  • Supports file name recovery in Unicode format
  • Offers previews of recovered layers
  • Previews the properties of recovered objects, including layers, headers, etc.
  • Recovers damaged .psd files, even for large files more than 2 GB in size
  • Restores the corrupt Photoshop file in a new .psd file
  • Opens the recovered .psd file directly in Photoshop
  • Saves each layer as a separate JPG file
  • Can modify the properties of saved objects, thereby avoiding conflict when a file is opened in Photoshop
  • Repairs .psd files under Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • PSD Viewer Tool
  • Displays and repairs damaged Adobe Photoshop project files
  • Displays, repairs and saves data from corrupted PSD files in Adobe Photoshop

This tool makes it easy to restore a corrupt Photoshop file. The interface of the Adobe Photoshop PSD repair tool is based on a wizard that helps you choose a damaged file and then analyzes its structure and recovers the data. It takes only a few steps. Simply select a damaged .psd file on the first page of the .psd recovery software. This is the quickest, most effective damaged .psd file recovery tool available today.

The Adobe Photoshop recovery tool reads, analyze and recover content of file automatically. The advanced technology in this corrupt .psd file repair software lets you choose the name for your new .psd file and select layers for saving later.

Note: If the recovered file cannot be saved, then you need to complete a few additional steps with the corrected Adobe Photoshop file.

How to Open a Corrupted PSD File for Free

Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop allows you to open a damaged PSD file in an Adobe Photoshop graphic project. Once opened, you can display a list of objects and data founded in the file on the program page. In the last step of the program, you can export the recovered data from an open PSD file to a new *.psd file, which you can then work within Adobe Photoshop.

How to Restore a Photoshop Project

To restore damaged Photoshop graphic projects, you can use the last backup or return to the previous stable copy of the PSD file, or try to use Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop. With a high probability, Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop can restore data from incorrect .psd files to their original state before damage if the first two options are not available for you. To test this statement, it is necessary to:

  1. Download, install, and run the DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop.
  2. Select a damaged .psd file.
  3. Run the analysis of the damaged PSD file.
  4. Review the list of recovered objects and their properties in the program.
  5. Export the restored data to a new Photoshop graphic project - available in the full version.

How to Fix a PSD File

If you need to fix the PSD file or fix the Photoshop project quickly, then Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop will allow you to do this in a couple of clicks. Fixing a damaged PSD file is done by copying and fixing data from the damaged .psd file into a new Photoshop project. The tool does not fix or modify the existing incorrect PSD file. All data transfers to the new revised PSD file.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above


Unfortunately, some of the claimed functionality was implemented in Adobe Photoshop incorrectly and with errors. Therefore, data that is formally correct causes the Adobe Photoshop to close without warning. In these cases, you need to manually perform the following manipulations with the Photoshop graphic project before saving it:

  • simplify or disassemble smart-objects
  • remove smart-objects from the project
  • make long object names shorter

Using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop might help you avoid all these issues all together.

Please select a damaged PSD file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop

Select file name for new recovered file

Press on Recover button

Selection of the damaged file

Preview of the structure of the damaged file

Selection of the output file

Data recovery

Customer's reviews and ratings

Taliyah Calderon04-07-2021

The program helped to get rid of the error message, but created a different problem. The bitmap that was used as a background did not recover a bit. It's good that she was a separate layer.

Yasmine Shaw03-23-2021

What a thrill I got when the program started retrieving data from a corrupted PSD file. The program fully justified the purchase.


Unfortunately, the program was unable to repair part of the drawing. I only got 70% of the corupted file

Ledger Remy01-19-2021

I don’t know about Windows XP, but on my good old Windows 7 the program started. However, when using the program, it is advisable not to run other programs if you have a weak computer. This will allow you to shorten the file repair time.


I have already restored Illustrator vector graphics from you. It's time to check how you restore the bitmap. The PSD file turned into an EXE file after a virus, I renamed it and put the .PSD extension, but Photoshop CS6 could not open it. The virus damaged the file itself, as an error appeared when opening it. The file itself is small and recovered quickly. If you compare my previous experience, then I did not have any problems with fixing the .psd file.

Ryan arkelly12-16-2020

I want to revert to a previous version of my saved Photoshop art. Unfortunately, in the demo version of the program, I could only see the current version of the .psd file.


I downloaded the trainingfiles for photoshop CS6 from the downloadlink in the ebook classroom in a Book. It contains a large number of JPG files and video files. The container file turned out to be corrupt sothat I could not unpack any file from it. With Recovery Toolbox it was possible to reclaim all files exept one that remained corrupt. So iI am happy with the tool.

Keily Aiden08-11-2020

I liked the program, the only remark is the viewing of the picture. Please, make it so that in the viewer, after the fix process, you can select PSD and see the whole image that has been repaired. It is inconvenient to select each layer and watch them separately.


All my .PSD files are corrupt, after I had virus on computer. Program helps repaired Photoshop documents. But unfortunately not all were correctly fixed. Total was restored 5 of 6 files. And one of five recovered files contains layers without masks


I restored the broken .PSD file after the error “is not compatible with this version of Photoshop”. This was after I tried to fix the hard drive errors. P.S in the restored file may contain layers with different properties, like mine


You guys/gals are the fucking bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super sorry for my language, but oh sweet jesus!! I had 2 twelve hour days worth of work in a large psd that wouldn't open... I had multiple heart attacks trying to figure it out. Called my boss freaking the fuck out... Just decided I was going to have to rebuild everything... My boss calls me and says he found your website and fix tool. I told him it sounded like a bullshit virus... He made me try your demo tool. I told him that I would blow every single one of you if your psd fix tool worked. It did work, but now having relaxed a little, I don't think I can follow through with that promise. :) I do love you though. All of you! Truly!!


When I opened the image, an error popped up that Photoshop does not support this format, the file seems to be damaged. Before saving the file, everything opened normally. Something went wrong when saving to Photoshop, and it saved my file with errors. After recovery, it was clear that my file was damaged by the brush plugin. Since all the new elements have been restored, except for the figures which were painted with a brush.


I downloaded your Adobe Photoshop recovery tool for PC (Windows). And while I was going through the recovery phase of the Photoshop file, I set the "Vector Mask Settings" option and clicked the "Restore" button, but some mask settings were not restored, they changed size. Some masks are large.

Suuup meee02-20-2020

Lol, online service can fix a corrupted Photoshop document, after when Photoshop tries to saved file with a lot of replace unsupported fonts and brushes, which led to lost data of work and saved .psd file as corrupted.


My PSD file was repaired. But all Smart-objects need to re-assemble later in Photoshop CC. THNKS!!!


Thanks! Adobe .psd Photoshop CS6 file was repaired.


Tool assisted me a lot, I had many corrupted by various reason .psd files and didn't know to do. It learned me how overcome such issues. It isn't compatible with some PC software configurations.

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